Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to Community Recycling Campaign

Community Recycling Campaign
One way to reduce the amount of eWaste that is trashed/ land filled is recycling. Recycling makes a positive contribution to the global conservation of energy and recycling programs are growing across the United States. Recycling is important for social, economic, and environmental reasons. Though many recycling programs are available in cities, but there is always a gap in public awareness on how to best use the recycling programs. One way to close this gap is to continue raise awareness of recycling in the public. Home computers get outdated, too. Many home computers users typically buy a new computer every few years. Older machines tend sit in basements and attics collecting dust. Often individuals know they shouldn't just throw out a computer because it is bad for the environment. But, they are unaware of alternate eco-friendly methods of disposal.
To make a small contribution in those efforts, I started a "Community Recycling Campaign" project with help of my friends to spread the message, help communities, and charities. Electronic items (ex: Computers, monitors, printers, scanners, laptops etc.) can be separated out from trash and refurbished for use. We collect unused electronic items, refurbish them with parent volunteers’ help, and donate them to the local charities.
- Sachin Rudraraju

Our main Services:
• eWaste Recycling Media Campaign
• eWaste Recycling Door-to-Door Campaign
• Used Computer Collection
• Free Computer Hands-on Training
• Computer Refurbishing
• Clothes Recycling
• Donate refurbished electronics/clothes to Charities
• Helping other Charities campaigns
• Adopt-A-School program

How can you help?
  • Join us to start a CRC team in your area
  • Join us to support CRC Door to Door campaign activities
  • Join us to collect used Computers collection
  • Join us for Computer Refurbishing work
  • Join us to help other Charity campaigns
  • Please spread the CRC word to your friends and families
  • Please don’t throw away your electronics for garbage collection. Support “Reduce /Reuse/ Recycle”
  • Please drop-off your unwanted electronics at CRC drop-off locations
  • Please support us- Your donation amount will be used to refurbish old computers for donating to needy people.

Please Drop-off your unused electronics/computers at:

Dublin Sri Shirdi Sai Mandir